Claire Singher sings an emancipated Susanna with flowing intonation and very expressive interpretation.
Opernetz, 2007 (Le nozze di Figaro)
Claire Singher as Zerlina, emphasized the vocal finesses, sang the higher tessitura-passages effortlessly and incorporated them beautifully into her vocal line.
Das Opernglas, Ausgabe Oktober 2006 (Don Giovanni)
Claire Singher stood out through her vocal expression and animated acting ....
Frankfurter Rundschau, 2006 (Don Giovanni)
Soprano soloists Claire Singher and Michelle Giglio lightly negotiated the lyrical lines with grace. Singher was a joy to hear in the "Laudamus te" and partnered beautifully with Giglio´s voice in the 'Domine Deus'.
Herald Tribune, USA, 2005 (Mozart, Great Mass in C Minor)
..In the challenging trouser role of Oscar, the king's youthful page, soprano Claire Singher is a standout in this uniformly fine cast. Her movements are boyish, cocky, and yet graceful. Her playful characterizations fill the theatre on an appropriately operatic scale, and her crystalline coloratura more than handles the intricacies of Oscar's musical repartee ...
Anchorage Press, USA, 2004 (Un ballo in maschera)
Claire Singher was very secure in her acting (plagued by an unending appetite), her round soprano tending into the lyric “Fach”.  Her amusing performance was refreshing as well as her vocal sensitivity in duettscenes as ‘nur das eine bitt’ ich dich’”...
Coburger Tageblatt, 2004 (Der Bettelstudent)
… a reunion with the soprano Claire Singher, who has remained in good memory of the Hildesheim audience. ...In the Pie Jesu the soprano impressed with strong expression and her warm timbre.
Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung, 2004 (Fauré Requiem)
... moved, she looks into the audience, her voice floats over the soft accompaniment of the piano-clear as a bell, rich with overtones.  The perfect intonation of soprano Claire Singher mixes optimally with the balanced chords of Mary Adelyn Kauffman... the pianist is supported to a great extent by the soloist, whose stage presence makes the evening not only into an accustical enjoyment. Singher’s performance is enticing...
Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung, 2003 (Recital for the „Mozart Gesellschaft“ Germany)
New to the ensemble is the soprano Claire Singher, who gives her debut at the Stadttheater Hildesheim as the playful Valencienne. Convincingly acted, with an easy, light-footed sounding voice she intones the “anständige Frau” who can, on top of everything, dance very well.
Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung, 2002 (The merry widow)